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Combating Hate Speech

Are you bothered by hateful comments online? Do you want to do combat hate speech and support those who are affected by it? Don’t give up on the discussions on social networks!

How Can We Protect Our Fundamental Rights?

The European Union’s Charter of Fundamental Rights promises to protect all of us, but these rights are still constantly under threat! Discover your power as a citizen to defend them and make your voice heard with this course!

European Elections

Discover the power you have as a voting citizen. Learn more about what goes on during the European Elections, what elected Members of the European Parliament do and how you can hold them to account.

Empower the Youth!

With many young people throughout the EU unemployed and living in precarious situations, this course explores how some of the key problems could be tackled and how social rights for future generations can be secured.

Fast track: le questioni cruciali per i Verdi dalla A alla Z

Per tutti coloro che sono desiderosi di continuare ad approfondire tematiche verdi e che vogliono essere aggiornati sugli argomenti più caldi in Europa, Fast track: le questioni cruciali per i Verdi dalla A alla Z è il corso ideale!

Towards sustainable Transport & Mobility

Want to know how we can change our transport and mobility to improve air quality and make sure our cities are liveable places for everyone? Then join this course on Transport and Mobility today!

Campaign Strategy

Planning a non-profit or political campaign? Learn about successful strategy-building and campaigning, get access to useful tools and resources, and exchange with other learners on top tips and best practises.

Impact Europe

Want to learn more about the inner-workings of the European Union, activism on an international level, and the key challenges facing Europe today? Then join Impact Europe and discover how you can make a difference! Discover Impact Europe now in English, Spanish, French and Polish.