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Impact Europe

Want to learn more about the inner-workings of the European Union, activism on an international level, and the key challenges facing Europe today? Then join Impact Europe and discover how you can make a difference! Discover Impact Europe now in English, Spanish, French and Polish.

Know Your (Social) Rights!

What exactly are social rights? They protect the quality of our everyday lives, but they are also constantly under threat – especially for young people. This course gives a taster of the main theme explored at the FYEG 2019 Summer Camp and is designed for anyone who wants to discover what social rights are and how they are protected in Europe.


Brexit means Brexit… but what does that even mean? Bust the jargon and pick apart the complex reasons behind the United Kingdom’s historic referendum to leave the European Union and understand the ongoing negotiations with this course!

Gyors sáv: zöld ügyek A-tól Z-ig

Minden lelkes és zöld tanulónak, aki szeretné feltölteni ismereteit Európa mai izgalmas témáiról: a Gyors sáv: zöld ügyek A-tól Z-ig az Ön képzése!

European Elections

Discover the power you have as a voting citizen. Learn more about what goes on during the European Elections, what elected Members of the European Parliament do and how you can hold them to account.

Fundraising for Political Actors

Looking to fundraise for your project or organisation? Discover the different funding sources available and best practises to kick-off your campaign and make your fundraising a success!

Towards sustainable Transport & Mobility

Want to know how we can change our transport and mobility to improve air quality and make sure our cities are liveable places for everyone? Then join this course on Transport and Mobility today!

Cours accéléré : les enjeux verts de A à Z

Pour tous les écologistes avides d’en savoir plus et de peaufiner leurs connaissances sur les questions d’actualité les plus brûlantes de l’Europe d’aujourd’hui, « Cours accéléré : les enjeux verts de A à Z » est le cours qu’il vous faut !