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Impact Europe (FR)

Vous voulez comprendre comment l’Union européenne fonctionne? En savoir plus sur le militantisme au niveau international et les défis majeurs auxquels l’Europe est confrontée aujourd’hui? Rejoignez Impact Europe et découvrez comment vous pouvez faire une différence !

Know Your (Social) Rights!

What exactly are social rights? They protect the quality of our everyday lives, but they are also constantly under threat – especially for young people. This course gives a taster of the main theme explored at the FYEG 2019 Summer Camp and is designed for anyone who wants to discover what social rights are and how they are protected in Europe.

Hate Speech Widersprechen

Du möchtest etwas gegen Hasskommentare machen, weißt aber nicht wie? Du willst Betroffene von Hate Speech unterstützen? Du willst die Diskussionen in sozialen Netzwerken nicht denen überlassen, die am lautesten schreien, und selber aktiv werden?

Food and Agriculture

Have you ever looked at your plate and wondered how your food got there? Or stood pondering in the supermarket what are the best choices for your health and wallet? Then get stuck into this course on food and agriculture!

Towards sustainable Transport & Mobility

Want to know how we can change our transport and mobility to improve air quality and make sure our cities are liveable places for everyone? Then join this course on Transport and Mobility today!

Fighting terrorism and ensuring security

Why are the Member States of the EU failing to prevent terrorist attacks? How can we live in peace and security without sacrificing our fundamental rights and basic values?

Urban Activism

If you’re looking to be inspired on how you can shape your town or city for the better, then come and delve into urban activism to equip yourself with the best tools to enact change. A course by and for urban activists.

Impact Europe (ES)

¿Deseas saber más sobre el funcionamiento interno de la Unión Europea, el activismo a nivel internacional y los principales desafíos a los que se enfrenta Europa hoy en día? ¡Únete a Impact Europe y descubre cómo puedes marcar la diferencia!